N3 PCs

Quality PC builds customized for you

Same budget. More power.

Building a PC from individual components is cheaper than buying a pre-build off the shelf. N3 PCs can typically save customers 20%+ by building PCs with high quality components customized for your needs. With our knowledge, we can help you get more PC power out of the same budget.

How it works

  1. Fill out a quick form so I can figure out your needs. Before I start on your configuration, it's important to understand which applications you run and what you want to do on it (gaming, video editing, school, work, etc.).

  1. Give me the green light to start - Once you're ready to move forward, just pay the $10 service fee, and I will go identify all the components for your optimal PC. If you're a gamer, I will find parts to give you the best performance for value. Then I will hunt for the best deals so you can save money and I will make sure to keep it below your budget.

  1. Receive your custom PC configuration - I will provide you with a list of all the parts for your PC ensuring compatibility, plus links to where they can be purchased with the most savings.

  1. (optional) Pickup your fully built custom PC - For an additional $10 (local customers only), I will take care of everything and build the PC for you, manage cables, install the drivers, and any RGB software you might need. We can work out the details of how to get me the parts for the build.

My experience

I am an incredibly experienced PC Builder. One of my customers wanted a gaming pc for $600. He already had a monitor, keyboard and mouse. I started researching for parts. I ended up getting him a $700+ rig for under $600! This is just one many great experiences I've had with building PCs, and I hope you are a part of that!

What you can expect to save

N3 PCs can typically save 21% of your money by building a custom PC with the same or better components! Here are three popular pre-built computers that show how much you can save!